utorok, 8. septembra 2015


Coffees, teas and hot chocolates.. it is really important to keep our bodies hydrated when it gets colder. But what about our skin? Here are some tips for products which will help you avoid cold-weather problems. 

1. For your face, neck, elbows and even lashes use Havlik's natural miracle.
2. Carmex and EOS- we all know them..but what about to add a pop of color to you lips with Burt's Bees Red Dhalia lip balm?
3. Body milk/cream/butter. It's all about scent. Our pick is Korres Bergamot Pear.
4. Green Tea L'occitane hand cream, simply because we are in a TEA-mood now.
5. Never forget to take care of your hair. Korres Hair Care Mask- Almond and Lineseed

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